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AFoT grants for Tibetan causes and how to support our work

Tibetan childrenArizona Friends of Tibet is not associated with any political or religious organization. Donations (other than membership) earmarked for the Tibetan Human Rights Fund are used for Tibetan refugee aid, disaster relief or human rights advocacy.

As we complete our 11th year anniversary, we send thanks to our friends and supporters – people like you. We also ask for your continued support.

Grants awarded by Arizona Friends of Tibet as of June 2009:

 Recipients of funds from the round of Spring 2009 grants. Each project received $625.

Shree Mangal Dvip School

Sechen Tsering Art School Project

Konchok Foundation for Surmang Shedra

Dharma Sagara Health Center

Chethak Ruchen School in Tibet

Gargon Schools in Tibet

Karmapa Social Services Society Nepal

Snow Lion Foundation Home for the Elderly at Jawalakhel

Terma Foundation

Shem Woman's Group

Ajang Rinpoche Monastery Boarding School and Clinic

Pundarika Foundation

Nyerongsha Institute

Khenpo Sherab Ozer Rinpoche's Nun's Project

Tibetan Village Project

The Sogan Foundation

Before June 2009: 

$500 – The Tibet Institute for Science and Technology
$500 – The Bon Children’s Home
$500 – Sakya Dohko Monastery
$500 – Dr. Kevin Stuart English Training Program for Tibetan Students
$500 – Konchok Foundation for Surmang Shedra
$500 – Munsel School
$500 – Shree Mangal Dvip School
$500 – Tara Abbey
$500 – Weyching Nunnery
$500 – Dharma Sagara Health Senter
$500 – Tibetan Village Project
$500 – School at Ngamona
$500 – Lapis River Ribetan Medical Clinic and School
$500 – Tibetan Children’s Village
$500 – Chethak Ruchen School
$250 – Gargon School
$250 – Nalanda Translation Committee